Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nugget and Thunder

Several years ago, I was sure I needed goats. 
"They have such personality!" I said.
"I love to watch their antics!".  I may have said that too.

Then a friend invited me over to meet her goats.  I believe they were eating the wiring on her vehicle when I arrived.  So then I decided not to get goats.

Fast forward a couple years....
I do have some issues with memory.  And can be totally swayed by cuteness.
Nah, just kidding.  It was a totally rational, objective decision that goats could be an efficient way to keep our weeds down.  Hence...Nugget and Thunder.
Here they are, adjusting to their new home.
What, you've never seen a goat on a leash before?
This is a good way to let them out and about, without having to chase them.  And as long as you just follow, versus try to lead, it works just dandy so far! 

I'll let you know how our vehicles fare.

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