Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Easter 2017

Springtime.  Easter.  Renewal.  Rebirth.

Maybe now is a good time to rekindle my blog.

I have missed it.  And even more, Mark seems to miss it.  Even though he is RIGHT HERE, living all this stuff with me.  So I'm going to see how I do, renewing my habit of telling our story in something longer than a Facebook post.

I'll start with Easter.

I don't want to blow the ending, but this was pretty much the perfect Easter.  The hills are so green and lush.  Everything is fresh and new.

Prior to Easter, of course we had the dyeing of eggs.  This was something of a challenge, since we used a lot of my home-grown eggs, which are brown, light green, and light blue.
But my people rose to the challenge, going deeper blue, green, and purple!

Next, of course, was the actual hunt. 
Here are the hunters, psyching themselves up for the "kill".  Hey...there is a $20 egg out there somewhere!
My sister Karen explains the rules.  No one listens.
Finally!  The talking is over!
We had over 200 eggs hidden in the field. 
Karen and Gail rest...after a tough morning of egg hiding.
Ah...time to take inventory!
Guess who won?  The 6'2" guy.  Plus he's crafty.
Back inside, there is some serious cooking going on.
Followed by a seriously beautiful feast!

 And then...the games.  Our buddy from Ireland, Chris, was visiting.  He taught us the game of "Lives" several years ago, and it is one of our mainstays. 
 He let Mark win a couple times
 All in all, a beautiful day of family and fun. 

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