Thursday, March 24, 2016

Man Like Big Fire

At long last, the day has come.  Burn Day. 

FINALLY, we can get rid of old dead trees and branches that have been laying around our property.
Mark is so excited, he is practically vibrating.
 He has built his little starter pile in a good spot on a rock.  Now, he just has to wait for the clock to strike 10 a.m., which is when permitted debris burning may commence.
 Oh!  It's 10:00:01!  Light the match!
 That fire started suspiciously quickly.  I think Mark may have been prepping it.
 Oh, he is SO prepared:  shovel, chain saw, lawn chairs...
 ...newly purchased bow saw, hatchet.  And of course, the hose.

 This is Mark's kind of day.  He really wants me to participate too.
 OK, Mark.  I will place a stick, too. (please ignore large black spot on face). 
Then, I'll go make a sandwich for my great fire-builder.

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