Wednesday, January 27, 2016

El Nino, Me Gustas

Weeks before D.C. was buried in blizzards, we Californians were cavorting in the cold stuff.  We've been skiing at China Peak this year (awesome!) and on this particular Sunday, we got a slow start, so just headed to the snow park at Tamarack.  

Lots of snow, and people, and sleds, and trees.
 Daredevil Mae. it.
 And of course, the Scottster.
I can only imagine what happened here!
Mark always becomes the self-appointed track groomer and safety look-out
 And then, of course, he tries to bury his own child in the snow.
I'm sure she liked it, though.
I sneaked away for a quiet walk in the woods, wishing to heck I had cross-country skis.  Or snowshoes.
You know, it only takes a few hours of sledding to feel like it has been a day well spent!  A round of cocoa for all my friends!