Sunday, December 20, 2015

What is underfoot?

Mark has a new project.  Because he is resting after knee surgery.
See him resting?
It's a good thing he has some time to heal from his surgery.
Because this is quite a project!  After five years of inertia, we are finally getting around to finishing the stairs.  We will have stained oak treads, painted risers and trim, and a carpet runner.  In a true spirit of economy, Mark stained and finished only what he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO.  And no more.

So the next big step is to pick the runner.  We've been through several iterations so far.  I thought it might be fun to share, and even get some thoughts and opinions.  Recognizing that this is the decorating equivalent of sharing your list of baby names--we may choose Agatha when everyone else likes Allison!  
 So the first three are varied in texture, with only subtle variations in color.  This is Sierra Wind.
 And Holland.
 Now for the patterns.  This is Stencil.  Looking at the top two center column.
 Topkaki.  Top Left.  Looks dark in this pic, not as dark in life.
 And Alexander.  These last two are wool, so $$$$ and very plush.  These fancy ones would look kind of like this example from 

In my mind, this picture below (from Zoroury on is kind of what our house style looks like.  Except with a coating of dust and hair balls.  Especially since our white fluffy dog sleeps right at the bottom of the stairs.  This runner is kinda busy for me.  Our selections are more muted and golden, but you get a feel for pattern on the stairs. 

I need something that is forgiving.  Something that will happily conceal dirt and hair until I get around to vacuuming it every month or so, and will last for years and years without showing the single little track that people walk down when they use the stairs.  Is that too much to ask???

I'll show you the "after" shot when we get to that point.  ;-)

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  1. I like the plain ones at the very top of your post.