Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rolling Oaks Launch Complex

We have some family rituals that we enjoy once the weather turns cool and the grass turns green.  Yes, we decorate for fall, and then Christmas, like most families.  But we also like to launch rockets.
Maybe it's because Mark and I share a nerdy history of working on real launch vehicles. 
Or maybe it's because Mark and Scott (my BIL) are big kids at heart, and want to share the joy of blast-off with their own kids.
Whatever the motivation, once the ball gets rolling, we all enjoy it.
Although Mae is looking a little skeptical from her perch here.
Heck, even the horses want to get involved!  They're not ours, just here to graze and not really tame, but they are SO CURIOUS about all this activity. 
Here's a launch--big success!
 Oh no...the chute is floating down into the neighbor's tree!
Back at it, packing the chute for the next launch.
 I feel so lucky.  All we have to do is step outside and do this crazy fun stuff!  Another good day in Tollhouse.

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