Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Right Stuff

Before we launch into pictures, I have a little story to tell.  One lovely summer morning, I let the dogs into the back yard, where they immediately started barking.  Looking outside, we see a big, fat rattler right next to the trampoline, coiled and hissing as the dogs danced and barked around it.  I ran outside, screaming to be heard over the barking, dragging the dogs back inside to safety.  I shouted at the girls to keep an eye on the snake.  I don't take any joy in killing snakes, but when they are so close to the house, they really have to be dealt with.
Did I mention Mark was already at work?
So...I have the girls call Mark for guidance, while I go hunt down the .22 (in a secret spot), and the ammo (in a different secret spot).  I had shot the rifle before, so in theory I was prepared.  However, that was several months prior.  At a paper circle 50 yards away.  When I wasn't all amped up on adrenaline.
The rifle looks basically like this:
If you know anything about guns, you may already see what's coming.
That scope thing on top?  NOT meant for shooting things 15 feet away.  So I couldn't see through it to sight on the snake.  Also, all I had were regular bullets, vs shot.  Apparently, you have to be a pretty good shot to hit a snake with a bullet.  Which would imply that you could see the snake in the first place!
SO...this was a big fat snake with a looonnnnggg rattle.  Which I will interpret as a sign of being old and wise.  The crafty beast went and hid in a spot where it was very difficult for me to shoot him.  He hid under our travel trailer.  So now I'm down on the ground, trying to poke/throw him away from the trailer with a long stick.  And I'm sweating and grunting and cussing, and occasionally getting a shot in before he sneaks back under the trailer.
Finally, he went down a hole.  And I was surprised to find a trail of blood behind him.  So hopefully he won't come back.
So now I can tell the rest of the story.  As you might guess, I was not happy with our snake-defense capabilities.  So we came upon plan B, snake shot in a hand gun.  And by golly, we were going to practice in a more realistic way! 
The girls drew some targets for us.
Hopefully Mae's giant viper (on the right) will stay only in my nightmares!  But I can still aim for the head.
We laid them out on the ground, just like where we would find a REAL SNAKE.
And we loaded the shot.  We all took turns.
Mae looking tough.

Abigail shows her handiwork.    
We got to see how the shot would hit a snake. Next time, now that we have THE RIGHT STUFF, hopefully I'll be a little more prepared!

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