Sunday, February 22, 2015

Out and About

Last weekend, Mark and I had one-on-one dates with the girls.  Abigail and I spent the day together, and Mark and Mae spent the day together.  More one-on-one time is one of our goals for this year.  We all had a blast!
Abigail and I went bike riding.  Of course, this entailed going to the store and buying two bikes!  This has been a secret plan of mine for quite a gear up our family for bike riding.  The kids had tiny bikes from several years ago, but they've probably grown a foot since then.  I had an old mountain bike that needed some TLC and new tires, but Mark had nothing, so we needed a big bike too.  SO, off to K-Mart we went.
After we geared up, we went for a cruise on the Old Town Clovis bike trail.  Abigail was particularly impressed with the tunnels.
This rock marks the bottom of the logging flume that ran through Tollhouse in the 1800s!
 Abigail.  And another tunnel.
For a very, very, special treat on our very special day, we stopped at Subway.  Here is a selfie of that event.  Obviously, we need to work on the mechanics of selfies, so I don't have five chins, and Abigail knows where to look.  No wonder people practice!
For their special day, Mae and Mark took the dogs to the Kings River, about an hour away from our house.  I want our New Hampshire family to see that we do have rivers here!  And they are beautiful!  We need to come here more often, especially when it's warmer.
Mae with her boys.  I just love this picture!
 So what did we do THIS weekend?  We did those same things with the whole family!  We went for a family bike ride on the Clovis trail on Friday, and went back to the Kings River on Saturday!  Here is Mark, trying to coax the dogs into the water.  They were having NONE of it!
 Jax is mostly lab...he should love the water, right?  But he sat there and cried, and would not budge.
 This area of the river is called Kirsch Flats.  Our black & white dog is named Kirsch.  Coincidence?  Nope.  Two years ago, Mark, Scott, and the kids found Kirsch as a tiny puppy in these very bushes.  Here is Scotty, looking for the exact bush.
The dogs did get a little bolder in this shallow water.
And I think they got worried about Scotty out there on the rocks.  Come back to shore, Scotty!
So, looks like our one-on-one time was a double-good investment!  Great success :-)


  1. Mom and I just enjoyed your blog....I like your idea of a one-on-one day with the girls, and I'm sure they liked it too. So how did you get one of our NH Rivers in California?