Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chickens and...Donkeys?

In light of the fact that we just may get a few more chickens, we decided to repurpose an old cat house (yes...a cat house).  Fortunately it did not have cat pee issues, so that made the transition do-able.  We joined it to the run with a little door on the bottom, and the girls cleaned it out and put new bedding in it. 
 Doesn't it look comfy?
Also, I promised a picture of our second set of odd-looking, timid chickens.  Any guesses as to what type of chickens these are?  They look like some kind of chicken/hawk cross to me.  They do have greenish-grey legs, so I'm hoping their eggs are green, like an Araucana chicken.  But wait, here's the big news...
 Our first egg!
And on the same day, we found a second egg!  They were lovely, light brown, and medium sized.  And they were tasty ;-)
In other news, just to convince everyone (myself included) that I have a life outside of chickens, here is a picture of a big night out last week:  Donkey Basketball 
 Boys vs. Girls.  It is always a tough game.
Girls won this year...kind of.  Either way, it was a really good game!
Apparently all these people agree.  Packed house in Tollhouse!