Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Great Start!

Here we are, the Schlaefer family unit, off on a Schlaefer family adventure.  We are about to climb on Tollhouse Rock.
It's been a while since ANY of us climbed.  Just over a year for Mark.  About a year and a half for the girls (unless you count the climbing tower at the Fresno Fair!).  And for least 12 years if not more.
 But one of our goals for 2015 is to get out and climb.
 Well, really it started out as getting Mark out to climb, but he does need some company!
 So we got the girls out on the rock, and they completely scampered up the wall. 
 Here's Abigail.
 Success (total time...literally maybe 2 minutes)
 And here is Mae.
 Another success!  They made it look SO EASY!  So easy that maybe even...
 Hey...I MADE IT (in a significantly longer time than 2 minutes, but I was still happy)
 Here's Mark rappelling down the second climb after setting it up.
 Setting Abigail up for the second climb.  A 5.7 face which she again scampered up.
 Mae and Scotty did some exploring.  Of COURSE they cleared this cave of snakes before they crawled in.  Right?  Of course they did.  With the flashlight on my cell phone.
 Here's that second climb.  Not much to grab onto! 
 But we all got up.  Abigail even climbed it a second time to "clean" the gear off...a first for her!
 Poor Scotty.  He came along, but his feet have grown so much since last time, he couldn't fit into any of our shoes! 
I think he still had fun, though.
 The view was so beautiful, with the fog blanketing the Valley.  Poor Fresno.
 We stopped at Tollhouse Grill for breakfast on the way up, and milkshakes on the way down.
Taking a moment to review the massive shell collection (no, not sea shells).  Apparently the top of Tollhouse Rock is also a favorite place to shoot many different firearms.  In fact, there were lots of shots fired WHILE WE WERE THERE.  Yikes.  That was a little nerve-wracking.
So instead of a milkshake, I had a Corona.  The End.

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