Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Hampshire Reunion

This summer was the 250th anniversary of my husband's hometown, Lincoln NH.  There was a week-long celebration, so of course...we went!  Mark's entire family turned out--all eight siblings, many of their children, and of course, the linchpin...Fran. 
Here she and Karen are attending a play called "The History of Lincoln".  We really enjoyed it!
There was a huge block party on School Street.
Complete with dancing in the streets...
These firefighters are doing the Macarena!
It was a great time to run into old friends.
It was also a great time to hang with family.
Here Uncle Kurt is getting initiated into our wild California ways.
Mae is getting quite good at this!

We had a great time at the local historical society, looking through all kind of photos and memorabilia.

We found Fran's first grade class photo--first grade class of 1930!
She was able to name at least half the class!  She is the cutie fourth from the right in the front row.
The origin of the best state motto ever.  Last year, Uncle John tasked my nieces and nephew with finding out the history of this phrase.  They did, and discovered why he had picked that task...they share the same last name as General Stark!
This is my finger, touching an actual meteorite.  Now I can say "I have touched an actual meteorite".  And not everyone can say that!

Of course, not all our time was spent poring over historical documents.  We also went to the local candy store--big hit with the kids! 

I spent my time refraining from buying chocolate covered bacon.

Another real treat was seeing Mark's cousin Maureen, and her PUPPIES!
These little bundles of fluff will grow up to be small standard poodles.

We also occupied our time with a new project...converting part of the old basement workshop into "Dick's Pub and Poker".
This is early on in the project.  I'll have to look for a better "after" photo.

The grand finale of the week was the alumni banquet.  And of course, the family photo!
Gotta get that side shot, showing off the proud Schlaefer shnoz!
Fran was recognized as a member of the earliest class in attendance...class of 1941!
So many reasons to celebrate.  And so we did!

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  1. Great time thanks for the extra pictures that I didn't have.