Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lake Time

This is a happy sight.
It means that the houseboat is underway for another summer session of camping on Pine Flat Lake.
We like to hang out on the Trimmer end of the lake, so it is an hour-plus cruise.
My sister's ski boat, of course, goes a bit faster!  Here's Scotty taking advantage of that with the wakeboard.
Go, Scotty, go!  Once we get settled in our spot, we get all the toys in order.
The "tube"...an essential part of modern lake time.
Kayaks--good fun AND good for you!
Mae trying the wakeboard for the first time.
Great success!
And here goes Abigail!  Now we have two boarders!
The kids all try to sit on the paddleboard at the same time.  Endless entertainment!
Karen doing field testing of her new favorite sunscreen:  Sun Bum.  Another great success!
We encountered a large rattler.  Too many kids/dogs/tents to just ignore him, so Gail took the matter into her own hands...

By stoning him.  To death.
Here's Karen swimming the knife and water over to the victor.
And here is my own precious baby sawing the rattle off.  Nine buttons.
Here are my parents on my Dad's 75th birthday!  Remember, Dad had major heart surgery in April.  His goal was to be healthy enough to spend his birthday down at the lake.  He made it!
And yep...he looks happy!
So many reasons to be happy and grateful and celebrate.  One of the best lake trips ever!

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