Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mother's Day Rodeo

One of our May rituals is the Mother's Day Rodeo.  Although it is no longer on Mother's Day.  It is on Saturday, to preserve the sanctity of mothers and not make them watch goat roping on their special day.  It matters not to me.  We go, either day.
 Instead of Bull Riding, the contestants (high schoolers) ride cows. 
 But they are sometimes very testy!
 In a break from the norm, there was a female rider. 
 Although this cow turned out to be a "walker". 
 Here is the infamous goat-roping.  The poor goat was a lover, not a fighter.  As the announcer said, "Is that a goat, or a puppy with horns?"  These are controversial issues in rodeo events!
 Half time events included the stick horse race, and many, many mutton busters.  
I have a love/hate relationship with the hide race.  The galloping horse tows a kid laying on a hide.  It is exciting, but also can be nerve-racking...just like the cow-riding.

This year, a NEW EVENT premiered:  chicken chasing.  Very fun, but also a little nerve-wracking as I worried about the poor chickens.  They might have a heart attack!
 I so enjoy seeing our kids all lined up with their friends, spellbound by the chicken chase.  Maybe dreaming of the day when they, too, can be in the ring.
 Because here in Tollhouse, we dream big.

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