Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sun Devils and Spring Break

This spring, we broadened our horizons.  Last year, our soccer-focused family expanded into basketball.  Abigail joined the rec league, and I really loved seeing her learn the game, and grow more comfortable on the court.  I know basically nothing about basketball, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the games!
This year, Mae tried her hand at softball.  I don't know what is behind Abigail choosing one sport, and Mae choosing another...establishing their own turf?  Whatever the case, this is another instance of me enjoying seeing the girls grow!  So Mae joined the Sun Devils.
I think softball uniforms are really sharp!

I learned that a lot of the action in softball is stealing bases...
Go, Mae, go! 

Here's Mae up at bat.  She got a reputation as a solid hitter--great for her confidence!
So that was our spring sports activity.  Now let's talk about spring break.  Not quite a vacation, since my dad went in for open heart surgery!  Gail and I took the kids up to the Bay Area for the week.  We tried to make it fun for them, AND support our parents.  It was a challenge to do both, but things worked out.  Quadruple bypass, one valve replaced (oink oink), one valve repaired, and a second surgery to clear the carotid artery.  Things were scary for a while, but I'm happy to say, Dad is recovering well.  He is still in the resting/healing stage, and we are all looking forward to his rehab and strengthening.  

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