Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting schooled

One recent afternoon, as we headed home from school, the girls started trying to bargain for some play time before getting down to homework.  I have learned over and over that this does NOT work for our family--we really need to just knock it out, and THEN play.  Nevertheless, the girls are always hopeful that they'll catch me in a weak moment.  This is how our conversation went:

Abigail:  Mom, can we shoot hoops for a while when we get home before we do homework?

Me:  No, we need to do homework first, but after that you can shoot hoops.

Mae:  Why do we always need to do homework first?

Me:  Because it's your responsibility.  You're a professional student, and it's your job to do your homework.

Mae:  I'm not a professional!

Me:  Of course you're a professional student.

Mae:  No I'm not.  I don't get paid!

Well, she had me there!  How can you argue with that logic???

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