Monday, March 24, 2014

The Spelling Bee

Last week was a big one for my daughter Abigail.  She went to the Fresno County Spelling Bee.  In the month prior, she competed in her class, then her grade, then against the winners of 5th and 6th grade, then against the two other mountain schools, and earned a place at the county competition.  So, as you see, there has been quite a build up to the county event.  The county bee IS a big deal.  It is in DOWNTOWN FRESNO, a place we only venture for big events like Valley Championship Basketball Games.  Or registering to run for the school board.  Or attending the circus.
My lack of savvy in the ways of downtown showed when I had NO CASH to pay for parking.  After that crisis was averted, I got Abigail settled with her peers. 
 She was #3 (randomly assigned) in a field of 41.  And #1 was a no show.  So Abigail had to go second.  Yikes!
 Wisely, the judges had the kids stretch and shake off their nerves.  See, this picture is blurry because I was shaking too!
 Here's Abigail at the mike.  She made it to round three, when "oder" was the getter.

Did you catch that?  Of course, it is "odor", not "oder".  Even I wasn't sure under the gun, but then that danged red light came on.
 Abigail got a medal.
And a certificate.
But the real treat was seeing her on the FRONT PAGE OF THE FRESNO BEE the next day! (Yes, right next to the story of the gender-changing high school teacher, but you can't have everything.)
Truly a memory of a lifetime.  I am one proud momma.

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