Monday, March 10, 2014


During February, the kids had a week off...our winter break or "ski week".  This year, we forsake skiing to bring Nana back down to San Diego, to move to assisted living.
I won't lie.  This was a very difficult thing.  But we tried to seek out some fun and adventure along the way.  So we went to Lego Land.
I was very intent on getting the kids there, because a) they really enjoy Legos and b) I felt the window for enjoying this park was drawing to a close.  We did have a great time, but I was right...the girls were right on the tail end of "age appropriate". 
Mae took this shot!  She told Abigail to try to look like the character.

 Should I be jealous?

One of the highlights was seeing the model builders at work.  But of course, my batteries were dead by then, so no photos of that!  But I have this lovely car...

There were a few rides of interest, including this one where the girls could pull themselves up the tower.

We all loved the models of different cities made entirely of Legos.  Incredibly intricate!

Mae was particularly impressed with this guy's chest hair.  Should I be worried about this?
It was a very fun day, but I must also say, very, very expensive.  Literally a once-in-a-lifetime splurge for the Connie-Miser.

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  1. I agree...the prices were over the top....we loved it too, especially all the Star Wars stuff.