Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prize Pig

A few weeks ago, the girls were busily working on a "secret project".  I am about to share with you the unveiling of that work...

This, my friends, is a pig trophy.  Made with loving care, to be awarded to the first person to bag a wild pig.  The pesky varmints have been rooting around my folks' property.

Actually, technically, you cannot just go out and "bag a pig".  You have to get tags.  And of course, we're all proper and square on that!

 Here are Mark and Abigail, getting set to go check the pig trap.  I love to see my baby girl holding onto the gun rack. the pig trap!  It is just a cage, with a door that slams shut and traps the pig inside.

Hey, I hear wild pigs are tasty!  They seem to be faring OK, even in these dry conditions.

We do have cattle back on the land, complete with a few babies.  So cute!

Check out this one's ears.  Mama has big droopy ears and horns!  She is very bony-looking, but I think that is also characteristic of her breed.  Whatever it is.

And hey...guess what.  It rained!  Finally!  And it may rain again today!  Can you tell I'm excited??!!!