Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dog Days of January

January in Tollhouse is normally beautiful.  The rolling hills are covered with new grass, growing in the cool, rainy weather.  It looks a lot like my vision of Ireland.  This year is different.  This has been a very dry winter, and everything is dry and brown.  In fact, the brown leaves on the dormant trees are still hanging there, since they haven't had a good rain, or even wind to knock them down.
It is a little depressing to me.  I think about the lack of snow at China Peak...will we even ski this year?  I think about the low levels of our favorite local lakes.  In fact, I even had a dream about rain last night, and I was so happy to see the rain, only to wake up and have it not be so.
But on the UP SIDE, it has been warm and sunny.  Every day.  Last weekend, we were playing with the dogs in the front yard.  We have the back yard fenced off, as their turf.  It looks like a moonscape, barren and pitted where they've dug for gophers.  Also depressing.  So when we want to play, we do it in the front yard!

The white dog is Jax.  He was our first dog.  We got him just over two years ago, and he is almost three now.  Bigger and hairier than I wanted, but a mellow lover, and a good watchdog.  He does have a licking problem, though!

The black and white dog is Kirch.  We found him as a 6-week old puppy, filthy and abandoned at a campground called Kirch Flats.  He is bossy, hyper, and has a submissive pee-ing problem.  But he tries REALLY HARD to be a good dog.  And his clownish antics work their way into your heart.


Look.  He is trying SO HARD!  I think he needs a cookie, don't you?

So what to do on a warm, sunny Sunday?  Set up dog agility training in your front yard, of course!  Perfect exercise for a hyper, bossy little cattle dog.  Jax watches with calm benevolence.  Agility is not really his thing.

Oops.  It doesn't ALWAYS work out.  But we'll give him a cookie anyway, right?