Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Collection

I have to say, this Christmas felt full of all the things you HOPE for, plus a few extras on top.  First, we did our annual cookie decorating, hosted by friends John and Stacie.

With Casey away at college, we were down to four decorators.

They were committed.

And proud of their work!

Nana was on hand to supervise, and perform spot checks on quality. 
A very fun afternoon for all!  Now moving on to Christmas day...

Our family of four celebrates at our house from about 7-9.  Then we wander down to my parents' place for round #2.

Our beloved Auntie Karen was "in the house".

Mom and Dad.

All the grandkids.
And Nana too!

The girls were very fortunate this year.

After the presents, attention swings to the kitchen.

Prime Rib, Lemon Chicken, and Asparagus risotto. 

Fortunately, there were several arms to help stir the risotto!

Casey is on the job too!


And of course, after dinner, what family doesn't enjoy some Christmas arm-wrestling?

The whole family got into it.

Women in our family are not petite and delicate.

Scotty with a victory!

Casey, don't hurt your dad!

You either, Megan! 

And of course, the grand finale, Mark and Scott.

Yep, maybe we should have gotten ibuprofen in our stockings.
Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a strained tendon!

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