Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nana's Wild Friends

A perfect follow-on to the Nana post is a couple of shots of Nana with various costumed crazies.
 Actually, this Elvis impersonator seemed like a very nice man.
 Although, I do need to point out that the scarf Nana is wearing WAS WORN by this man, and was moistened by the sweat of his brow.  Now that's a little wild for me.  And when my own mother jumped up to the stage, grabbed the scarf, and twirled it over her head?  Well, I guess I just have to acknowledge that I come from some pretty wild stock.
 On the tamer side, here is Nana with my own precious babies, Ketchup and Mustard.
 Grandma's house is always our first stop.
The girls came up with this idea with a little help from their friends.  Particularly apropos, since Mae seems to have an overly fond regard for ketchup (so now you know who is who).  Like...she will eat it in some very odd pairings.
 Some people thought they were crayons.  Those people clearly don't read labels.
 The kids all marched in their traditional Halloween parade.
 The girls spiced up the back of their costumes with a little competitive messaging:  "Mustard Rules!  Ketchup Drools!"  And so on...
 Here they were, the night prior (of course), putting on the final touches.
 Halloween is really, really one of my favorites.  I love pulling the costume together and seeing them enjoy the day.  We did our traditional drive-around our valley, looking for signs of Halloween, and visited maybe a dozen houses. 

I had to choose between Halloween with my kids, or attending my 25th reunion at the Air Force Academy.  I'm happy with my choice.  I'll wait for the 30th.

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