Friday, October 18, 2013

Ranch Happenings

What's this out in the field?
   It appears to be coming this way.
 It'' Mom on a QUAD.  Now, I'd have to say that is close to the top of my list of things I thought I'd never see.  For no good reason, since my Mom has many adventures under her belt--waterskiing, snowskiing, boating, fishing, world travels.  What's a little four-wheeler to someone like that?  And if you look real close, you can see a very wide grin.  We got this little old quad to share on the ranch.  It is everyone's favorite new toy.
And here is another little ranch event--
A giant tarantula ON OUR HOUSE.  The biggest I've seen.
Mark went in and saved the day.
And dropped him the woodpile. 
What?  Couldn't you have brought him a little further away???? 

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  1. You should raise the little creatures......and sell them.