Friday, October 11, 2013


I have received several queries from concerned parties about what the heck is going on with "Jumping the Tracks".  Has it become completely derailed?  Never to publicly share our gripping day to day adventures again?
NO!  At least not this week.
Especially since I found out my smartphone is apparently spying on me.  I went to upload pictures the cumbersome five-step way I always do, and found that now my photos directly from my smartphone were available at the click of a mouse.  Did I authorize that???  Google, you frighten me with your power.
But for now, I will happily exploit this new capability by posting.
Another problem that has been hampering my posting is my desire to keep things in chronological order.  And it seems to me that every summer I totally blow it--accumulating far more adventures and pictures than I can keep up with (which is not a bad problem to have!).  So every fall I give up and hope that I'll remember to throw some summer flashbacks in here and there.  Like the Boston trip.  Because there are some GREAT pictures there, courtesy of my BIL Andy.
Today, however, we'll stay local.  We picked apples at a friend's house.  They shared fresh apple juice and apple pie--So inspirational!  I need to plant some fruit trees!

Abigail is my natural tree-climber.

 Handing them down to Mae.

Looks like Mae approves!

Our friends also have grapes:  tiny and so sweet!

I need to break out my Backyard Homestead book and get to work!

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