Friday, August 16, 2013

New England Adventure II

One of our favorite parts of Lincoln in the summertime is the river.  Although the water feels colder than the Pacific Ocean, the clarity and the beautiful setting make these spots very memorable.  The first spot we visited was Lady's Bathtub.  A wide, deep spot in the river, it is a long-time favorite. 

Casey and Abigail

Megs shows her approval

Megan and Abigail

Next, we took the kids to Aggasiz (a.k.a. Indian Leap). 

Megan contemplates her first leap.

Casey takes the plunge.

Blurry shot, but look at that form!

Megan air-surfing

Scotty in a screen-shot

Casey too

The kids all named the swimming holes in their top three highlights of the trip.  Small wonder!  Of course, my two are still too young to take on Aggasiz, but they enjoyed watching the big kids do their thing.

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  1. How come there aren't any pictures of you and Mark?