Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel to Mexico

I'm sure my last post left you wondering...did they actually visit Lady's Bathtub and NOT BUILD A DAM?
The answer is no.  We did not visit Lady's and not build a dam.  Meaning, of course, that we did.
During our stay in Lincoln, we also took an overnight trip.  

We headed up to Maine, to see Mark's cousin Maureen.  So we packed a smaller bag of our stuff, and drove north.
Imagine our surprise to see we were in Mexico!
Those Mainians are tricky.

We visited Webb Lake


If you look really close, you can see a black speck in the water.  It is a loon.  I don't know if I've ever seen one--I was actually quite surprised at how big it was.  We heard it call, and I had an instant flashback to "On Golden Pond".  Very cool.  I think I have to watch that again just to hear the loons. 

Speaking of thrilling things, we did get a tow from Maureen's friends, which was great fun.

Isn't it neat how the cabins are RIGHT ON the water?  I guess they do flood once in a while.  So that part would not be neat.

On the way home from Maine, I did make everyone stop and at least stand on the Appalachian Trail.  Then I made them stand next to the sign.  And here is that memorable moment.

And here we are at The Basin--a large, swirling bowl created over thousands of years.  Mark hadn't been there for decades, and when we were walking the path, we came across a similar bowl, about one fourth the size.  Mark kept looking at it and saying "Gee, it used to seem so much bigger".   But persistence paid off...we found the big one!

Back in Lincoln, here is the crew with friends Etienne and Betty.  Etienne earned everyone's love and admiration by bringing over a few of his meat pies.  I need to try my hand at that!

Next time, our visit to Clarks!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New England Adventure II

One of our favorite parts of Lincoln in the summertime is the river.  Although the water feels colder than the Pacific Ocean, the clarity and the beautiful setting make these spots very memorable.  The first spot we visited was Lady's Bathtub.  A wide, deep spot in the river, it is a long-time favorite. 

Casey and Abigail

Megs shows her approval

Megan and Abigail

Next, we took the kids to Aggasiz (a.k.a. Indian Leap). 

Megan contemplates her first leap.

Casey takes the plunge.

Blurry shot, but look at that form!

Megan air-surfing

Scotty in a screen-shot

Casey too

The kids all named the swimming holes in their top three highlights of the trip.  Small wonder!  Of course, my two are still too young to take on Aggasiz, but they enjoyed watching the big kids do their thing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New England Adventure

An update on our summer adventures is long overdue.  This past week, we returned home from our BIG summer adventure--two weeks in New England.  Made even bigger and more adventurous by the addition of my sister's kids to our entourage.  Traveling with a group of seven was an absolute blast, and prompted us to do some wonderful things.  I'll have to break it down into digestible bits, because we packed so much into 15 days.
Here we are on Day 1 at San Jose Airport.

We arrived in Manchester, NH at midnight Eastern time, so we spent the next day recovering at Mark's sister's house in Hollis (near Nashua).  Mary Kay had a new game to teach us:  Yaniv.  Apparently very popular in Israel, it was quick, easy, and absolutely addictive.

After our day of rest, we headed up to Lincoln, to Mark's childhood home, which remains in his family.  There, we played more Yaniv.

But we eventually tore ourselves away from the kitchen table and did some exploring.

Our first visit was to The Flume.  Now, the only context in which I've ever heard the term "flume" used is in describing a man-made trough used to carry logs.  But apparently that is the second definition.  The first is a natural feature:
  1. A deep narrow channel or ravine with a stream running through it.
  2. An artificial channel conveying water, typically used for transporting logs or timber.
Here are the all the "kids", including our niece Carley, ready to head upstream.

Definitely starting to look more narrow and channelly.

Isn't it amazing how linear these walls are?

Casey had this obsession with taking handstand pictures in each of our adventures.  She didn't quite make the handstand here, but I thought it was even more interesting!

Megan even got into the action.  Here we're headed down to see the Old Man in the Mountain historic site.  He tumbled down in 2003, but they have a really neat viewing site, with a profile that you can superimpose on the rocky face.  You'll just have to take my word for it, though, because my camera battery was dead for the actual visit.

Now here is the teaser for my next post--guess where we went the next day?