Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School is OUT! But first...

I WAS going to talk about the last day of school, graduations, etc.  Because that is the very significant event going on recently.  But then I discovered that I never did talk about the Mother's Day Rodeo, and I just could not let that go un-talked about!  So...remember back to Mother's Day weekend?

I think this is the "wild cow milking" event.  Which does not entail milking, just removing a tag and running it to a drop spot.  The cows aren't really "wild" either.  But they sure don't like it!

An all-girl team.  Yay!

I have a love/hate relationship with the hide racing event.  Thrilling and a little scary!  But NOT as scary as wild cow RIDING, which they also do.

And of course, the mutton busting.  This year, the girls were officially too big to compete, much to my relief.

 Now these pictures are not at the rodeo, just babies we get to see around our valley.  Our friend Emma's baby goat:

Makes me think once again that it would be so fun to have a goat!  Quick, someone throw cold water on me and remind me of how fun I thought it would be to have GUINEA PIGS!

Emma also has a beautiful palomino foal!

And here at home, we now have seven babies out cavorting in the pasture!
So...Happy Mother's Day Flashback!

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