Tuesday, June 25, 2013

End of School Days

OK, so...come with me as I look back to May.  School ended on the May 30th here because we had five furlough days.  That's kind of a downer way for me to start what was actually a very wonderful week.  Or maybe I should say a very powerful week, because there was happiness, and as there always is for me, some pangs of sadness as things end. 
For example, the girls said goodbye to Mrs. Fielding, their beloved teacher of both their kindergarten and third grade years. A wonderful gift for all of us.
As a new school board member, I got to attend all the graduations.  This picture is actually a performance at the sixth grade "promotion".  Mr Gardenhire was a psychic, predicting a future for each student.  It was a fun, very personal ceremony.
But I have to say, this picture represents the highlight of this very powerful week.  My niece, Casey, graduated from high school, and I GOT TO HAND HER THE DIPLOMA!  Yeah.  Incredible.  In fact I'm tearing up just thinking about that moment.
Congratulations, Casey, as you say goodbye to high school, and hello to Reedley College.  You go, Girl!.

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