Friday, May 17, 2013

Breakfast in Bed

On Mother's Day, Mae and I both got up around 6 a.m..  I was making a beeline for the coffee maker when she asked me to please go back to bed.  How could I not oblige?  So back to bed I went for a few minutes.

Ten minutes later, in she came with my breakfast treat.  Of course, this photo was taken after I asked if we could pretty please go back out to the kitchen.  And she obliged, because her mission was complete.  Breakfast in bed had been served.

Cinnamon toast (not toasted, because she wasn't confident with the settings on the toaster oven).  Girl Scout cookies.  Wheat Thins.  A Calcium chew.  And milk.  All things I like. 
And that's what counts.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nine Years

We just celebrated the girls' ninth birthday.  So nine years ago, this is what we looked like:

The next day, we looked like this:
And then nine years went by.  Fast in some ways, but with what feels like twenty years packed into nine years.  High density living!
So, this year, the girls wanted essentially the same type of party that we had last year--large party, invite the whole class (and then some), and have a slip and slide, and some simple outdoor games.  But this year, we also had a theme:  a jungle party.  The girls did a lot of their own decorations.  They made drawings on 30 goodie bags!  We served jungle juice (punch), anaconda eyes on a stick (grapes), hungry piranas (goldfish), python pellets (Reeses Puffs), jungle vines (red vines), beetle wings (potato chips), toucan toes (baby carrots), and monkey bites (donut holes).
My mother absolutely outdid herself this year with the cake!  And cupcakes!!!


And Mae. 
Is this Hicksville or what?  Standing outside with the cars, having a sunflower seed spitting contest.  And who better to lead it than my sister, Gail?

The extremely challenging towel toss.  And the pièce de résistance ...

The slip and slide!

And guess what we did, to make it just a little more crazy?  Yes, we added soap. 

Some minor eye irritation, but they got the hang of keeping the soap off their faces.  There were some big smiles!  After nine years, maybe we're getting the hang of this birthday party stuff.