Saturday, April 13, 2013

Yosemite Adventure

Another one of our Spring Break mini-adventures was a car-camping trip to Yosemite.  We did several things we had never done before.  First, we went to the Mariposa Grove to see the giant sequoias there. 
Here are my giant children in front of a small sequoia.

No, wait.  Here is my tiny family in front of the same tree.  Just one of those little life lessons--your perspective can really change things, eh?
Interestingly, the Mariposa Grove was a little less impressive to me than the McKinley Grove, which is a little closer to home, by Shaver Lake and Dinkey Creek (You may remember my highly controversial post about Big A*^ Trees).

The Merced River ran close to our campground.  It was a gorgeous spot to spend the late afternoon.

My Abigail, in a rare, quiet moment

Lower Yosemite Falls.  Mark had hopes of achieving Upper Yosemite Falls.  He overestimated his team.  And wisely recognized that before we were committed.

My Mae, the animal whisperer, trying her skills on some ducks.

And my Abigail, the rabid squirrel whisperer.  Don't mess with the squirrels!  They're cute, but they carry rabies!  Where are her parents????

Oh yes, they are far below, taking pictures of the cute little girl, peering after the rabid squirrel.  Because isn't it a pretty picture???

OK, just a really cool picture.  With Mark.

And without!

Here we are at Vernal Falls Bridge.  Awesome hike, very easy.

Now we're going up the Mist Trail.  Up many, many, slippery, wet, granite steps.  In fact, kind of scary for me, because the trail fell off steeply at times, with what my mommy eyes judged as inadequate protection for my babies from slipping and falling over the edge.   Not my favorite. 

However, the top of the Falls was pretty spectacular!  BUT remember that incident last year where three people who climbed past the warning signs, over the fence to take a picture on the rocks next to the river, slipped, and were swept over the falls?  Yep, people were still doing it.

Kind of a "we were here" shot, but I couldn't NOT put it in here!

Love my little Warriors!
Rather than going down the slippery 700 Steps on the Mist Trail, we followed The "Winter Route" up the John Muir trail.  We gained some additional elevation and some amazing views.  Here is Vernal Falls in the background below.  Highly recommend!

My Mark, the fire builder.  He was pretty intent on showing the girls how to build fires, which I loved.

Mae, practicing her new skills.

The view from our campsite.  Despite all the people, the generators, the barking dogs, still a wonderful place to be.

Mark, totally in his element, drinking his morning camping tea.  He is so happy in this environment.  And handsome too!

In the midst of all Yosemite's beauty, the girls still are irresistibly drawn to playing in the sand.  And that's OK.
Because I can think of a few thousand worse things to do!


  1. Gorgeous photos Connie!!! That's the kind of hiking Juan and I love to do...maybe we'll make our way out there one day! Would love to have a campfire with you and the good ole days! :) Its amazing how much the girls have grown too!!! Pretty soon, they'll be taller than you! :)