Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Want a Pony!

Little girls and ponies.  They just go together.  Ladies, wasn't there some time in your early girlhood when you really, really, really wanted a pony?  Yeah, me too.
When we recently returned to riding lessons (because basketball season was over and we decided not to do track), we got a chance to ride Scoobie the Pony.

Here is Mae with Scoobie...
And here is Abigail.  As you can see, Scoobie is a fairly small pony. 

The girls also got a chance to use the lunge line.  Even with all the horsie things I did in my youth, I never did this!  It was really cool.  This is Jane...a beautiful horse.  Jane got a terrible rattlesnake bite last year, but she is much better now.

Scoobie got into the action, too!

 Look at the little guy go!

Cool down time.   

Thanks, Scoobie.  That was a lot of fun!

Now I'm really starting to think...where can we put a pony pen at our house?

I guess I never really grew out of the pony phase!


  1. I'm on the girls side....if you REALLY loved them, you would get a pony....lots of ponies!

  2. I have wanted a horse since I was in girl scouts and then 4-H. Maybe someday...