Friday, April 19, 2013

The Project

I had a problem.  The radio in my car was dying a slow, agonizing death.  Sometimes I could turn it on, but couldn't change the channel.  Sometimes, the screen just showed garbled bits of lines and dots instead of stations.  And sometimes, I couldn't even turn it off, so I had to turn down the volume instead.
But when the CD died, that was the last straw.
So, I had myself a new project.  I ordered a new car stereo, which came with instructions for the removal and replacement.  Here's what that looked like.
I went to hook up the wiring harness, only to find I was missing a part.  So I drove around with a big hole in my dash for a week or so.  Then, I got the part and went back to work.
This part was pretty fun and easy, after I figured out the process.
New one, ready to go!  Old one, off to the side.  So sad and lonely.
Ahhhhh.  It's IN!  I have tunes! 
But...What's this?  There's no....How do I....
There's no ON button!  So after ALL THAT, I just push buttons until it accidentally comes on.
So with a heavy sigh, I'm off to look for the manual, so I can see what the little buttons mean, and which one is the code for "ON".  So much for my technical wizardry.
I do have one more thing to add.  Throughout this whole project (including the time while I was driving around with my carjacked-looking dash, Mark never said a word.  Never offered to help, never chuckled at my mishaps.  Just carried on with his own jobs and projects.
And I choose to think it is because he knows I'm fully capable of doing these things.  And THAT is love and honor, to me.  Not for everyone, I know.  But for me, it was a treasured affirmation.


  1. Love the pink! I would assume no less from you Connie. I'd also let you build anything, any day!