Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scotty's Snow Day

 Last Sunday, my nephew Scotty turned 13.  My sister, Gail, now officially has three teenagers at home.  Which may explain her generosity in lending one of them out as my kids' rental brother. 

Really, though, this relationship has been going on for years.  Scotty is somewhere between a regular cousin and a big brother.  I treasure every season that goes by in which this connection perseveres.
Our original plan for Scotty's birthday was to bring him along on our ski lesson day.  He ended up being concerned that he would be by himself while the girls did other things.  As it turns out, he was probably right!  So we re-designated Friday as his day, and he got to choose the activity.  I offered skiing, sledding, movies, Blackbeards...kind of keeping it open.  He chose going up to the snow, just to sled and play.  Sold!  So up we went!

We found several fun spots to slide.



Threw a few snowballs... 

And made all kinds of snow creatures.

A great day, and great satisfaction in taking advantage of what is in our own backyard!

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