Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Hanging Out

In addition to being Basketball Impaired, I am also Football Impaired.  Meaning I don't really "get" football, and I don't really follow it.  Sure, I'll hang out and drink a beer with you if the game is on, but I'm really there just to hang out, not watch the game.  Very fortunately for me, Mark is pretty much the same way.  He knows more of the rules, and can shout with outrage or joy at the appropriate moments, but he is also more of a "social watcher".
Which brings us to SuperBowl Sunday.  In addition to a football game, and my Mom's fantastic cooking, Sunday was also the day for Mark's long-awaited project of teaching our niece Megan how to belay (the technical term for holding the rope when someone is rock-climbing).  These little forays will then undoubtedly be followed by trying to teach her how to rock-climb.  Because if you indicate ANY interest, Mark will be there, hoping for another convert to his "rock climbing is the best thing in the world" worldview.  And perhaps that person might even turn into another climbing partner!  But maybe that's rushing things a bit...

At our SuperBowl Sunday family gathering, Mark set up a rope station off the peak of my parent's roof.  Mark and Megan suited up in harnesses, and the lesson began.  Here is the very first part, where Mark identifies "the rope".  Megan mastered this quickly.

But after that, it gets more complicated.  You have to be able to handle the rope with someone else hanging on it.  And hopefully stop them  from hitting the ground.  That's what all the goo-gaas on the harness are for.

Here goes Mark, up the ladder, ready to see if Megan can catch him.

Well, I THINK that is a success.  Megan stopped the fall.  And that was the whole idea.  We can always tie her to the ground.

So that's how our family hangs out (get it?  hang out?) on a Sunday.  And then, of course, we go in and watch the game.


  1. I remember those lessons. They look like they haven't changed a bit. Neither has Mark! Looking good!