Monday, February 11, 2013

I've been Droned

My sister, Karen, is the source of all the best Christmas presents.  I hear about that endlessly from my own children.  Yes, she is generous, and at times extravagant.  But always on the mark.  This past Christmas, she gave my father a DRONE.  Yes, a quad-rotor Parrot with an HD camera.  You can fly it via your I-Pad.  And my Dad, who for 35 years flew jets for United, is the perfect target audience.  He's been learning the controls, venturing farther and higher as the weeks go on.  So here we have his latest shot, of our beautiful farmhouse.

When I look at this picture, I think two thoughts:

"Wow, that new porch looks GREAT!" and "Wow, we really need to do some landscaping."

Kind of a good news / bad news thing, I guess. 

Ahem...Karen, can I put in a request for a tree for Christmas?


  1. That is an awesome picture. I love your farmhouse--just looking at it relaxes me. Maybe I need to come visit again.

  2. I thought Mark was going all the way around with the porch...did he get tired and stop.