Saturday, February 2, 2013

Box Out

I guess most of you already know what "box out" means.  But I didn't.  Until recently, that is.  I'm just learning, you see, because now we have basketball in our lives.  Yes, we had it before...we went to my nieces' and nephew's games.  But I never "got it", and was content to clap when the orange ball when through the hoopie-thingie.  Yay, team!
But now, I'm accountable.  Because that's MY kid out there.  Abigail decided, without any parental influence, that she wanted to play in our rec league this year.  Mae, interestingly, has zero interest.  Which, of course, is just fine with me.
So here's Abigail out on the floor.  She is number six.  It seems to me she spends a lot of time standing around, watching the action, looking like she doesn't know what to do.  And I don't even know what she SHOULD be doing so I can shout out directions like all the other parents.
Okay, here she is maybe guarding someone.  I think she is on defense.  As you can see, it is a co-ed league, just like soccer.  These girls learn to play tough.
Hey, here she almost touched the ball!
Wha???  Here she is WITH THE BALL!!!!  SHOOT BABY SHOOT!!!  BOX OUT!!! 
So, as you can see, basketball is a growth experience for both of us.  But one that we are also both enjoying.  Too bad basketball and soccer are the same season in high school. 
But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself!


  1. My sisters all liked basketball. I hated it....I was a volleyball girl. GO GIRLS!

  2. I know a little about basketball but I don't know what "box out" means. Hope you all have fun--can't wait to see more pictures.