Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Past

Christmas lingers on at our house. Our tree is stripped of its finery, waiting to be stowed away in the attic. But in the interim, it remains in its spot in the living room. There are other bits and scraps of decorations, Christmas towels, and cards that add to my usual clutter. I have a hard time letting go of Christmas.

See...here we are. So happy! This picture was taken right after our Christmas program. Mae is on the left, Abby on the right.

The girls contribute an ever-expanding array of hand-made decorations to our house. And I treasure them all. Even if they are just a sign written on a piece of construction paper.

These little proclamations were part of an early bid to hail Santa, and make him feel welcome. Despite the fact that we have no chimney.

Yes, I do have a hard time letting go. I drag things out. But is that so bad?

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