Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zoo Day

MLK Monday was a beautiful day. Great day for a HOLIDAY. With no school for the kids, Mark obligingly took the day off, and we went to the zoo.  My nephew, Scottie, rounded out the crowd.

The first order of business was the new Sea Lion Cove exhibit.  It was fantastic.  Even better than Sea World!  Here in Fresno!  The closer was this giant underwater window. 
The Sea Lion here is "sitting" on the floor of the pool, looking up at the kids.  It was just an incredible experience.
The pool is quite large!
Another highlight was watching the Andean condors at feeding time.  They were fed big, fat, juicy severed rats.  It was one of those things that is so gross, you can't help but look.  But my country girls were very pragmatic about the whole deal. 
We took some time to get hassled by the geese at the pond.
And some time for a little photo op.  Don't you just love Abigail's cheetah theme?
I do love our little zoo.  And so do the kids!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Stranger

You know, our house is really out in the sticks. A car driving by on the road 1/4 mile away is a notable event. So you may have gotten the impression that not a lot happens out here at the farmhouse.

You'd be wrong.

We've had a stranger visit lately. Repeatedly. He looks alien and out of place. And he drives the dogs crazy.

The stranger is a great blue heron, who you may barely discern on the darker area in the pasture.   I don't know WHY he has chosen our pasture. There are no fish to be had, and he is constantly bombarded with barking. But for some reason, he keeps coming back. Much to the chagrin of the dogs.

Jax, the white, fluffy dog, is not normally a barker. But he goes OFF when this bird is around, long after Kirch has settled down.  And he barks incessantly. Like, I have to go chase the bird away if I want it to stop. I'm hoping it's not a crime to chase endangered birds. You'd think if the dog could get used the to cattle wandering by, he'd get used to a BIRD.

Ah well, he's keeping the homestead safe from aliens. I suppose that's OK.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Past

Christmas lingers on at our house. Our tree is stripped of its finery, waiting to be stowed away in the attic. But in the interim, it remains in its spot in the living room. There are other bits and scraps of decorations, Christmas towels, and cards that add to my usual clutter. I have a hard time letting go of Christmas. we are. So happy! This picture was taken right after our Christmas program. Mae is on the left, Abby on the right.

The girls contribute an ever-expanding array of hand-made decorations to our house. And I treasure them all. Even if they are just a sign written on a piece of construction paper.

These little proclamations were part of an early bid to hail Santa, and make him feel welcome. Despite the fact that we have no chimney.

Yes, I do have a hard time letting go. I drag things out. But is that so bad?