Friday, December 14, 2012

Something Good

About a month ago, something happened out on the ranch.  Something big.

We got cattle back on the property. And in a way, we got the property back, too.

You may recall that last spring, my folks got out of the cattle business.  I toyed with keeping a few head, but there were a few too many hurdles, and I ended up letting the idea drop.

So the cattle all left, and the grass grew.  And grew.  And grew.  It was so thick and full of foxtails, and later tarweed, that it was neither fun, nor really safe to wade out into the fields.

But just a month ago, the man who bought my father's herd brought back a herd to graze down the pasture.  Around the same time, we got a rain, and my father used his tractor on the softened earth to make a path.  And things changed.

We started taking walks again.

And appreciating our home from different perspectives.  Then, something even better happened.

The cattle started having babies.  Lots of them.

They run and play right outside our back fence.

And we appreciate these sights now more than ever. 
In fact, it is a beautiful morning.  I think I'll take a walk!


  1. I always enjoyed seeing the cows next to Monty's parent's property, especially the babies. I will miss that now that we won't be going to Arkansas any more. Thanks for the pictures, the babies are cute.

    By the way, you are so busted.