Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Yes! I am actually going to post something WITHIN 24 HOURS of its actual occurance! Yesterday, as you know, was Halloween. Big doings when you have 8-year-olds. This year, as has happened every other year, the girls came up with a costume idea, which we then built together. For the past two years, the costumes have been "paired"...they go together in some way. Last year, they were a cucumber and a pickle, which I absolutely loved. We made identical costumes, but had a sign on each. Such a fun idea for identical twins, isn't it? So here is this year's winner:
Abigail is "Homework", and Mae is "The Dog who Eats the Homework". Abigail actually copied her math facts homework from the prior night, making a few wrong answers, just for authenticity (although she rarely gets one wrong in real life, notes the bragging mother).
Mae had many offers for a new home, especially from the older children. What more could you ask for in a Halloween costume? We did our normal routine, driving around the neighborhood, looking for signs of Halloween. In such a rural setting, trick-or-treating is pretty low density. We ended up visiting about 10 homes. And that was just right. It was a very Happy Halloween.

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