Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving weekend is always wonderful, but this year was really special.  

I know...I say that every year.  Maybe I should just start saying "unique".  Or extraordinary.  So, here are the extraordinarily unique things we celebrate this year:

1.  We started work on the porch.  Mark's brother John came up to help with the heavy lifting.

Yes, I'm armchair quarterbacking, but doesn't this looks like a candidate for the "Never never do this" lecture on how to lift heavy things?  Check out Mark's back!

And yes, once that first beam was up, we were all thankful and relieved.  And also motivated to set up the scaffolding that would make lifting subsequent beams a lot less sketchy!

Meanwhile, Zach was thankful for Mark's new toy...the jackhammer.  And we were thankful for his enthusiasm!

And I was REALLY thankful for a visit from my 93-year-old grandmother, up all the way from San Diego.

Here she is...holding court, as every great-grandmother should.

"The Boys" made a lot of progress this weekend, getting all the big beams up, and starting on the ledger that attaches the roof to the house.

I wish you all a special, extraordinary, unique, and very thankful weekend as well!

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