Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tri Hard

Last Sunday, I ran the Shaver Lake Triathlon for the 4th time. Well, I ran most of it. OK, two-thirds. It was my bike's fault.
I had no business doing this in the shape I'm in, but was great to be up there! Note that I am the only one wearing a wetsuit. I needed the extra buoyancy, just as insurance!
And the best part was sharing the experience with my sister, Karen, and nieces Casey and Megan. All of whom kicked my butt. And yes, those are our ages on our legs. You know what is inspirational? The overall winner was 52! A Sunday well spent.


  1. Yeah for you!! I am so proud of you doing this, no matter what shape you think you need to be in. Some day I see your girls joining you, as you have provided them with a terrific role model. You go girl!!