Friday, August 31, 2012

More Holes

Lady's Bathtub was a wonderful swimming hole because it was deep, and clear, and calm. But there were other holes with other attractions. Next, we went to "The Old Hole". This place was a step up on the excitement scale, with sections of white water surging over slabs of smoothed rock. Which, of course, everyone jumps in and rides like a water park ride. Yes...even my precious babies.

The third hole we visited was just gorgeous. It was called Aggasiz.
  It sounded like Aggasi, as in the tennis player, which I thought was unusual.  When I was researching to confirm how to spell the name, I found this little tidbit at  "This formation is named for noted Swiss scientist Louis Agassiz, who observed and described evidence of glacial activity which suggested the Ice Age."  Having been there, I'm still not sure of the link, but also I found that the hole is also called "Indian Leap".

Yes, one of those. Despite the gorgeous surroundings, it was not my favorite.

I mean, I love leaping just as much as the next guy, but the tiny little target hole just freaked me out a bit.  It's the deep, dark spot (with a visible rock right close to the middle!) at the bottom of this picture. 

My niece, Hannah, taking the 20-foot plunge.

Some of our intrepid family members in the hole.  And here goes Mae.

Oh yes she did.  Not off the top, but she was in the mix. 

She gets that part from Mark.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


New Hampshire in the summer is a thing of beauty, filled with lush green vegetation, and clear bright sunshine. And a fair amount of humidity, which is not as pretty. The summer weather makes the local swimming holes very important. We visited several. The first was Lady's Bathtub.

"Lady's" is a wide, deep, slow spot in the Pemigewasset River ("the Pemi"), which flows through Lincoln, NH. Lincoln is a small, ski town in the middle of the White Mountains, and it is Mark's hometown. This was our destination for a big family reunion and memorial service for Mark's father. Mark has many wonderful memories of growing up in this amazing setting, and was so happy to share it with the girls.

But the relaxing and floating didn't last for long.  Because there are things to be done at Lady's Bathtub.

Like building dams.

Mark and his brother, John, set to work on one of their favorite pasttimes at the river, which of course is building the biggest, best damn dam they possibly can.

They put everyone to work.

During the course of our stay, the water level in Lady's rose a foot
Of course, the day we left, it rained, and I'm sure the dam was washed away.

How's that for some good, clean, summer family fun?!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun at Funston

As we launched off on our New Hampshire trip, we stayed the night near the San Francisco airport. We got there early enough to do a little exploring. I felt compelled to go see the ocean, so we drove due west, with no destination other than the blue portion of the map. We tooled through Daly City, taking in the colorful homes and equally colorful graffiti. We hit the coast, and could see the ocean far below. Hoping to get a little closer to the water, we headed north.

Suddenly, a giant kite, with a PERSON ATTACHED appeared very close on our left. Then a SECOND one appeared. We had to investigate. What we found was Fort Funston. An old defensive battery from WWI through the early stages of the Cold War, it is now one of the favorite spots for hang gliders. We had a ball watching them take off, fly, and land. 

Fort Funston also has extensive trails, and is a popular dog park, which the kids always enjoy.  We eventually did find access to the beach.

Sweatshirt weather, but the girls still wanted to play in the surf.  Not too far, though!  Fort Funston is also known for rip tides.  I know because I read all the signs on Fort Funston.

What an unexpected treat, and a great start to our trip!