Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lesson 3: Ride on your own

Our third riding lesson was the transition into the girls controlling the horse on their own around the ring. Now that they are "real" riders, they wear a helmet. Abigail is in the maroon shirt.

After the session in the ring, the girls experienced "real life" riding. Susan had the girls close their eyes and do "airplane arms" as she led them around different terrain.

After the lesson, the girls unsaddle and brush the horse down.

Then it's off on another adventure! We walked the mini stallion up to his new pasture (away from those distracting mini ladies).

We said hello to Tom the turkey.

And we checked out the litter of nine new puppies.  Apparently this little one is VERY relaxed!

Another wonderful day in the Sierras!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mid-Summer Gut Check

OK.  Today is the 21st of July.  In a moment of panic, I realize we are over halfway through the summer!  What do we have to show for this?  What the heck have we DONE with all those days?  Borrowing a trick from my friend Corrie, I'll just talk about it first, and you will be overwhelmed and impressed at how very busy I am, and will understand why I have fallen so far behind.

You know we've been doing riding lessons.  We now have had four, and they continue to be adventures for all of us.  In June, we celebrated my Mom's birthday with a day trip up to Huntington Lake.  We also took a trip up to Paradise, CA.  In early July, we spent a few days on the houseboat at Pine Flat Lake.  We came home from the lake and left the following day for our New Hampshire trip.  We traveled via San Francisco, to Nashua NH, to Lincoln NH for Mark's father's memorial service, and a first-class family reunion.

Suddenly, I'm feeling that my story is a bit underwhelming.  Our summer doesn't seem as chaotic in print as it does in "real life".  But I assure you, it HAS been a really busy summer.  I'll try to do a little catch-up.

For today, a few pictures of our hike up to Rancheria Falls and visit to Huntington Lake.

Mom, me, and baby sister Karen at the trailhead.
Mom and Judy head up the trail. 

Abigail and Mae at the Falls (Yes, Mae is on higher ground)
Abigail on the shore of Huntington Lake
Mae shows me her treasure.
Karen in her Zen moment.
We had a blast taking some totally posed photos on the lake.  Sometimes, hamming it up can be so fun!

My neice, Megan

My baby sister, Karen.  Don't you look at her cleavage!
My neice, Casey
And the woman of the day (and a really good sport!)...my mom Barbara.
Nothing makes my girls' day more than a little cousin time.  Love it!