Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riding Lessons

This week, we finally did something we've been talking about for literally YEARS.  We started horseback riding lessons.  I'd received several recommendations for a trainer who lives about 3 minutes from us, so we connected and set up our first lesson.  As we were driving in, I was literally overwhelmed with the sense of happiness and "rightness".  And that was before we even got out of the car.
It only got better.

The first lesson was really all about teaching the kids to be around horses.  They learned how to walk around a horse, and use some of the basic tools.  I should note that the girls usually don't dress alike, but they wanted to on this day, so the code for these photos is braids for Abigail, straight ponytails for Mae.

They learned how to brush a clean horse (brushing a dirty one is an entirely different lesson!). 

They learned how to handle a horse's foot and clean them.

They learned how to lead a horse.
This mare was so patient and gentle--she should be, she is 34 years old!
They also "squirreled" on the horse, sitting on her bare back and moving around, gaining confidence in sitting on top of this large animal.

Although a little timid at first, the girls loosened up and enjoyed themselves.

Yep--hard to tell who was happier...Abigail, Mae, or ME!  This lesson was everything I'd hoped for, and more!  Great success!  Can't wait for next Thursday!


  1. This looks like lots of fun. I love the picture of Abigail sitting backwards. Enjoy--all 3 of you!