Friday, June 29, 2012

Riding Lesson #2

So, with much anticipation and excitment, we headed into lesson #2. We started off with the girls fetching the horse and brushing her down.  Mae is in the striped shirt, Abigail has the white western blouse.

As before, they spent a little time "squirreling" on the horse. 

 This lesson, they saddled up the horse, and learned about parts of the saddle.

Then they headed to the ring.  To gain a feel for the movement of the horse, they rode with no hands.

They had to reach down and touch their boot.  Scary at first, but they became much more comfortable.

To get an even better feel for their balance, they rode with no hands, eyes closed!

Then, it was time to hand the girls the reins. 

They practiced controlling the horse around the ring, and made figure eights around a pair of cones.

At the end of the lesson, both girls got a ride back to the barn.

They practiced their balance as they rode up the hill.

Have I mentioned that I love riding lessons?  Yep...I really do.

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