Saturday, June 9, 2012

O No

So much has happened since I last blogged...hand, foot, and mouth disease stormed through our house, the school year ended, and yes, the election happened.

On the Saturday before election day, we made a car decorating station.  We fancied up around 15 cars to run around for the next few days and remind people to vote.  It was great fun, except for the woman who felt it necessary to stop and call us a bunch of thieves for stealing "No on O" signs.  Because clearly sign stealing is a good move for a campaign and I must have issued some sort of executive order.   

 In fact, this level of public exposure was WAY outside my comfort zone, putting my name on everything, and my address--tieing my face, and my family to this sometimes heated debate.

There have been so many surprises in this campaign. I've been surprised at the sign stealing. Surprised at the name-calling. Surprised at the untruths and anger and aggression. About a school bond, for Pete's sake!

But I must say, in the end, I was most surprised by the election results.  I really felt like things were different this time, and we had reached and convinced more people that this bond was a good investment.  We ended up having a decent turnout (41% so far, with more to be counted).  The split was right around 50/50, and we needed 55% to win. 

Fortunately, I'm not looking back and saying "If I had only done __________, we would have gotten it."  That's not a good feeling.  I had that last time.  While my soul feels battered at having put so much into this, only to be rejected, I also feel like I gave it my very best, and believe it or not, there is comfort in that.

We knew it was an uphill battle, but it was worth the attempt. 



    1. I am sure you did a fantastic job, so sorry the results were not what you wanted.