Monday, May 21, 2012

Country livin'

Once in a while, I'm struck by the distinctive atmosphere of rural life.  Last week, as I'm driving the carpool to school, we passed a dead skunk, which launched a rousing chorus of "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road".  After the initial round, the girls picked other topics to sing about, including "Cow Pies on the Side of the Road".  And I don't get that in suburbia!

That very same day, I'm in the school office, listening to the secretary, Val, tell a parent that she had to pull a tick off their child's head.  And I told don't hear that in suburbia!

That very same evening, I'm telling Mark about these two events, and Abigail chimes in, telling how the boy she sits next to in class had two ticks in his hair and one in his EAR!

And I thought...maybe I'll move back to suburbia.

Just kidding!  About moving, not about the ticks. 

I'll take cowpies and ticks over traffic and crowds any day!

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