Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Labor of Love

Abigail is doing a little job for me here.  Painting countdown boards for our school bond election.  This campaign has been a pretty all-consuming project for me since late January.  The election is next Tuesday, June 5th.

We're going to put these boards up to count down the final days.  So after all this work, people don't FORGET that next Tuesday is election day.  Because in light of the presidential primaries, there is not a lot of excitement at the polls.  Poor California.

I sure hope this bond passes.  After the last bond failed, they had to close my beloved Sierra Elementary.  Now, in light of California's shortfalls, they'll have to cut more people, classes and programs.  Seeing that writing on the wall is what keeps me going. 

And Abigail doesn't know it, but she is more help and motivation than she could really understand.

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  1. Keep fighting.....THE NEXT PRESIDENT WOULD WIN BY A LANDSLIDE IF OVERHAULING THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN THE U.S....was his leading fight during his campaign!