Sunday, April 29, 2012


In school, the girls just completed a learning block on dinosaurs.  As part of the block, they had a student project to build a "scrapasaurus", a.k.a. a model of a dinosaur out of things laying around the house and in the recycle bin.  The primary goal of this project was to have a fun interaction between parent and child.  Secondary was the goal of using "scraps" to create the project, and maybe of third-rate importance was the need to model the likeness of the creation to anything close to "real life".  Having said that, I would note that the projects were ultimately grouped into "flyers", "long necks", "meat eaters", and "plant eaters".  See if you can guess where our projects fell!

Here is Mae, fawning over her beloved creation, "Rex".

Can you guess his category?

I have only Mae here, because Abigail brought her project in the week prior, and I just wasn't processing that THIS WAS IT--BETTER TAKE PICTURES at that time.  So here's Mae.  And Rex.

The children were enthralled with each other's projects (and so was I!).

Here is Cody--Abigail's project.  He was suspended above the class, smiling graciously, for a whole week.

The entire second grade participated in the Scrapasaurus project, and at the culmination, they hosted their own "Jurassic Park" for the entire school.  Here are Abigail and Cody, with their fellow flyers.

Mae and Rex, menacing the onlookers with hungry, snapping jaws.

This event was so fun on so many levels:  seeing the second graders proudly talk about their projects, seeing them interact with the younger children, and seeing the older children reminisce about THEIR projects and ask questions. 

Just one more reason I'm happy with what I see in our little schools!

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