Saturday, April 7, 2012

China Peak

This year, we finally made it up to China Peak with the girls. Ironically, we are closer to skiing here in California than we were in Colorado! Here are our little ski bunnies Mae (purple) & Abigail (pink):

Our first venture was in February, and we had the girls in "Kids Klass", while Mark and I went skiing ;-) . Check this out--this deal was all-day skiing for the girls, with lessons, equipment rental, lunch AND an adult lift ticket for $89. It was a slow week, and the girls had their own private Brazilian ski instructor, Enrique. Apparently Enrique did a pretty good job, because our second venture was a LOT of fun! Mark and I took the girls up and skied "Academy", the long, classic green run, over and over again. We ALL had a blast!

We hope to make China Peak part of our family lifestyle. Skiing is expensive, but if you look for them, there are great deals to be had, and it fits in my worldview of supporting local businesses up here in the mountains. How's THAT for rationalization???

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  1. much to add an aunt, uncle and cousin in?